Welcome to the future of shot conception

Robomoco is a well established and innovative company, designing, developing and supplying the supervised hire of Robotic Motion Control Systems utilised for flying artists, manipulating props and set environments. We are opening the boundaries of human interactive motion control, often removing the need for digi-doubles and face replacements in the most complex of motion shots.

“Robomoco offers a state of the art filming solution whilst always providing the safe and accurate motion we are recognised for globally.”

Ernie – 8000kg Payload

Pan, 2015

Amelie – 210kg Payload

Assassin’s Creed, 2016

Ripley – 1000kg Payload

Wonder Women, 2017

We can fly almost anything


of any age, any size


snowboards, horses…


aeroplanes, cars…


wind, lighting…


Phantom, RED, XLR…


chairs, tables…

Set pieces

walls, ceilings…

and much more

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Combining your chosen end-effector with the appropriate Robot or Motion Base offers you a fully repeatable motion controlled setup. It is also possible to use multiple Robomoco systems together. (e.g. Robot + Motion Controlled Camera Rig, Robot + Robot)

Behind the scenes

Once our systems are covered with their coloured suits, they disappear in front of blue or green screen. Perfect for post-production editing.

In front of the camera

Our robots can perform and interact with the actors on camera. They are great at acting and can be painted or dressed just like any actor!

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