About Us

In 2010, a whole new world of possibilities was brought to the film industry in London. With the combination of cutting edge expertise in Robotics, Design, Special Effects and Visual Effects, Robomoco was able to introduce robotic systems with a level of safety and control never seen before.

2016 saw the incorporation of Robomoco in San Francisco to serve the growing demand of the US market and reinforce the global reach of the company. We are incredibly proud to have been involved in so many amazing projects, driving forward with new technology to service the ever more demanding industry.

“Robomoco offers spectacular shots in a safe and efficient filming environment.”

  Robomoco Ltd. London

  Robomoco Inc. San Francisco

Aladdin (UK)

Nike React (UK)

Santa & Cie (FRANCE)

Wrinkle in time (USA)

Transformers: the last knight (UK)

My cousin Rachel (UK)

Criminal (UK)

Justice league (UK)

Assassin’s Creed (UK)

Wonder women (UK)

King Arthur (UK)

Pan (UK)

Heart of the Sea (UK)

Libertador (SPAIN)

Dom Hemingway (UK)

Closed Circuit (UK)

Anna Karenina (UK)

Sherlock Holmes 2 (UK)

Films released

Scenes shot

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